Forms and Documents

ADRBO’s mandate is limited to investigating complaints in cases involving an act or omission by the bank in the provision of a financial service to a customer that results in a financial loss. To familiarize yourself with our mandate, please review our Terms of Reference, which we are bound to follow in the course of our work:

Intake Documents

In order to for ADRBO to proceed with an initial review of your complaint, and determine whether or not it is within our mandate to investigate, please print, complete, sign and return to us by mail, fax (1-877-803-5127) or via email (if scanned) the following intake documents:

Consent and Confidentiality Agreement

Please include a copy of either (a) the final written response from the bank’s internal ombudsman, or (b) a letter from the internal ombudsman indicating that 90 days have passed since it received the complaint, and copies of any supporting documents.

Please note that you must return these completed forms and a copy of the relevant ombudsman letter to our office within 180 days of the letter’s date, in order for our office to proceed.

ADRBO Policies